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Reviews and Testimonials

I'm here for work and currently staying in a camper that doesn't have laundry. I come here almost weekly. It is always so clean and you can always find a machine to use. The ladies that work there are always extremely friendly. It has change machine that doesn't give you all quarters but will break down into bills and quarters. I really like that option. If you don't have cash, don't worry. Every machine has where you can swipe your card. I will definitely continue to use this place.

Growing up in Inglewood, I can honesty say this business complements the neighborhood. It outclasses its competition in every way. It is clean. Attractively decorated. Very nice touches like the complementary coffee and WiFi. The attendant is very friendly, patient and helpful. I noticed they clearly take pride in his laundry even to stop and pick up trash on the floor. Convenient hours of operation. And the machines are reasons priced. My roots are in this neighborhood and have been a part of my life for over 50 years. I feel empowered to heartedly say welcome to the neighborhood. Highly recommend.

This is the nicest laundromat on the East side of Nashville. Has a personal touch of the owner's sense of faith, service, and helping families. The machines are well-maintained, there's a variety, can accept credit/debit card and coins. The best parts were the number of live plants, a children's area, coffee and a snack bar, a sliding automatic door, clean bathrooms, and well-maintainted floors, fixtures, folding tables, and carts. Nice. I've been to many in my adult life and this one was relaxed, had a good healthy-minded vibe. There are are concession machines with overpriced snacks but it doesn't feel like an arcade, a bar, or an autoshop. It's homey and safe. I especially was pleased to see these educational posters promoting positive parenting and caring for children. How many times have I see kids get yelled and sitting idle at other places. Not here. There's even a magazine bucket that has some good reads, not trashy. Great business model for other laundromats!